T-90 Main Battle Tank

The T-90 is a Russian built designated main battle tank (MBT). The T-90 is varient of the T-72 and T-80, The T-90 has a 840hp  diesel engine capable on propelling the tank to reach a maximum speed of 60km/hr. The T-90 boasts a few extra features such as the Kontakt-5 Explosive reactive armor which is capable of defeating APFSDS rounds or Armour-piercing fin stalized discarding sabot rounds. Brought into service in 1995 the T-90 has different varients which allow this truely versatile tank to accomplish almost any mission needed on the battlefield.

 The varients are:
  • BREM-72 - Armored recovery vehicle
  • MTU-90 - Bridge Layer Tank
  • IMR-3 - Combat Engineer vehicle
  • BMR-3 - Mine Clearing Vehicle

The T-90 has both a main and secondary armament which enable this fighting machine to engage both personnel and vehicles. The T-90's primary armament is a
  •  125mm smoothebore gun with anti-tank guided missile capabilites

The T90's secondary armaments are:
  • 7.62mm Coaxial machine gun
  • 12.7mm anti aircraft machine gun

The T- 90 has a crew of three and is a highly capable main battle tank that will continue service in the Russian military for many years to come, with the advantages of being upgraded over time.


Top Speed: 60km/hr
Armor: Explosive Reactive/Steel mix
Primary armament: 125mm smoothebore gun with anti-tank guided missile capabilites
Secondary armament: 7.62mm Coaxial machine gun and the 12.7mm anti aircraft machine gun
Operational Range: 550km

Modern Weapons Ranking
Safety: * * * *
Armament: * * *
Speed: * * 
Range: * * *

Overall: * * *

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