Merkava Mark IV Main Battle Tank

The Merkava Mark IV Main Battle Tank (MBT) is an Israeli Built, combat effective tank. The Merkava was built from the ground up with the first prototype being developed in the 1960's and was rolled into production in the early 1980's. The Merkava has been extensively updated over the years to produce the most recent version of the Merkava, the Mark IV. This model entered service in 2003 and has proved to be the Israeli Defence Force's most prized weapon due to its safety rating, ruggedness and its armament capabilities. Whats special about the Merkava Mark IV is that it was built from scratch to deal with some of the hardest environments on earth and thus has an untouchable ruggedness and reliability rating. The Mark IV accommodates the 120mm smooth bore cannon from previous versions but has the added capacity to fire ATGM and LAHAT munitions. The Merkava Mark IV currently boasts the Trophy active protection system capable of destroying incoming warheads with a blast similar to a shotgun shot. The Israeli Defence Force has created a number of variants of the Merkava due to its ideal transport platform


  • Merkava LIC -  A specially modified Urban Version of the Merkava
  • Merkava Tankbulance - Full Medical Version
  • Merkava IFV Namer - Armored personnel carrier version
  • Merkava ARV Nemmera - Recovery Version
  • Merkava Howitzer Sholef - Artillery Version

The Merkava Mark IV utilizes a primary and secondary armament, conventionally the primary armament is for engaging heavily armored vehicles or buildings and the secondary armament is for engaging small targets such as lightly armored vehicles and personnel.

Primary Armament:
  •  120mm Smooth bore cannon capable of firing (ATGM) Anti-Tank Guided Missiles and (LAHAT) Laser Homing Anti-Tank munitions

Secondary Armament:
  • 1 x 12.7mm MG
  • 2 x 7.62mm MG
  • 1 x 60mm internal mortar
  • 12 Smoke grenades

The Merkava Mark IV accommodates a crew of 4, and due to its ability to be mixed and matched it will remain the body of Israeli combat vehicles for years to come.

Top Speed: 64 km/hr
Armor: Ceramic-steel-nickel alloy/ Sloped Modular Design / Trophy Active Protection System
Primary armament: 120mm Smooth Bore Cannon with ATGM and LAHAT capabilities
Secondary armament: 1 x 12.7mm MG, 2 x 7.62mm MG, 1 x 60mm internal mortar, 12 Smoke grenades
Operational Range: 500km

Modern Weapons Ranking
Safety: * *
Armament: * * *
Speed: * * * 
Range: * * * *
Reliability: * * * *

Overall: * * *

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