Grizzly APC

The Grizzly APC(Armored Personell Carrier) is the newest and most advanced armoured personel carrier in todays modern battlefield. The Grizzly was designed purposly for safety, the grizzly incorporates a new type of armor that claims to defeat incoming .50 caliber rounds and IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices). This armor is called the "blackwater high threat armor protection" and uses specially angled surfaces to deflect explosive blasts, for example the grizzly incorporates a V-hull which instead of having the conventional flat armored body of the HUMVEE vehicle the grizzly has a pointed and angled bottom which deflects large blasts keeping the soldiers inside safe. Mounted on the top of the grizzly is a ring mount which can accomidate many different weapons systems, it also has 5 gun ports two on each side and one at the rear.


Top Speed: 105km/hr
Armor: AR500 Steel
Primary armament: Roof Ringmount
Operational Range: 563km

Modern Weapons Ranking
Safety: * * * * *
Armament: * *
Speed: * * * *
Range: * * *

Overall: * * * *

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