Military Concepts

In the Military scene there are many technologies and concepts which are used commonly and without a knowledge of these things you may struggle to keep up with information and reviews. Some of the Military Concepts are shown below,

Silencer/ Suppressor
A "Suppressor" or "Silencer"as more commonly known, is a device that fits onto the end of a fire-arm to reduce its noise. Although the name can be deceiving a "Silencer" cannot totally eliminate all of the noise that a fire-arm creates, but rather just reduces the noise signature. The noise that you hear when firing a weapon is called a "Ballistic Crack", this is the gases used to propel the bullet, escaping at high speed as they exit the muzzle or barrel of the fire-arm. What a "Silencer" does is increases the area in which the gases can escape therefore reducing the magnitude of the "ballistic crack". Silencers have parts inside of them that capture the hot gases from the bullet and allow them to cool down slowly. Most military grade ammunition in today's world has a velocity faster than the speed of sound, due to this fact the bullet breaks the sound barrier producing a sonic boom. So regardless of using a "silencer" or not, a "sonic boom" will be heard unless a round with a velocity slower than the speed of sound is used. A " silencer" also hides the flash from the propulsion of the round and in some cases a "silencer" can be used to slow a "super-sonic" (faster than sound) round down to a "sub-sonic" (slower than sound) speed, enabling the use of high caliber ammunition without producing a "ballistic crack". The down side of this is it greatly reduces penetration and stopping power of the bullet.
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