Amphibious Assault Vehicle AAV

The Amphibious Assault Vehicle also known as the LVT-7 is a tracked amphibious vehicle built primarily for amphibious assaults. The AAV is a troop transport used primarily by the US marine corps. The AAV is can be armed with a  number of different weapons and has both main and secondary arments. The AAV's primary armaments are the:

  •  Mk 19 , a 40mm automatic grenade launcher with a maximum effective range of 1500m and capable of firing up to 325-375 rounds per minute. (Max ammunition: 864 rounds)
  • M242 Bushmaster , a 25mm autocannon with a maximum effective range of 3000m and capable of firing up to 200 rounds per minute. (Max ammunition:900 rounds

These primary armaments are used mainly for engaging enemy vehicles, the secondary armaments are used for engaging secondary targets such as personnel and light vehicle such as motorcycles, Transports and RIBS. The AAV uses only one secondary weapon, the:

  • M2HB Machine Gun, a .50 caliber machine gun used as a secondary armament on other US vehicles such as the HUMVEE. The M2HB has a maximum effective range of 2000m. It can fire up to 450-575 rounds per minute.

Armed with these ranges of weapons this vehicle is an extrememly versatile vehicle which is capable of taking on personel, light vehicles, Armored personeel carriers and Infantry fighting vehicles. The AAV is armed with 45mm armor, the AAV can hold up to 25 fully geared marines and an additional crew of 3.

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