Atchisson Assault Shotgun - AA-12


The Atchisson Assault Shotgun deisgnated as the AA-12 is a fully automatic 12-guage shotgun built by American, Maxwell Atchisson.  Whilst it was developed in 1972 ,it has been further developed over a total of 18 years by the Military Police Systems Inc. to become as it is today. The  latest version of the AA-12 is based on the USAS-12 system and has been manufactured to be a dual fire mode weapon.

The Atchisson Assault Shotgun was transformed to enable the weapon to keep up with todays modern battlefield. The comparison of the two different versions are:

1972 Version

Weight: 5.2kg
Length: 991mm
Feed System: 5-round Box Magazine
2005 Version

Weight: 4.76Kg
Length: 966mm
Feed System: 8-round box, 20 or 30-round drum


Weight: 4.76Kg
Length: 966mm
Barrel Length: 457mm
Cartridge: 12-Gauge
Action: Selective fire, forced gas blowback operated
Rate Of Fire: 350 rounds per minute
Muzzle Velocity: 1150f/p second
Feed System: 8-round box, 20 or 32-round drum magazines
Sights: iron Sights or 2x zoom optical scope

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